Safari is a tourist sightseeing and phototaking tour. There are may different types of safari and river safari is one of them. It is excellent oportunity to move the boundries and experience something amazing and memorable.  This advanture in a rubber kayak for two is a unique offer on Una River and enables you to meet all the beauties of its natural canyon. Una River Safari has no age limit so it is suitable for all, from 5 to 75 years old.  Our trained guides and all necessary gear will ensure that this unique offerr will enable you to enjoy kayak ride and feel the spirit of Una River while ...


Una River rafting

Rafting is a tour down the river using a rubber raft, a boat specially made for wild rivers. Rafting is supposed to be an amazing river experience – a combination of beauty, adrenaline, advanture, relaxation, fun, pleasure, attraction, a lot of positive energy and return to wild nature.  To do rafting you do not need  experience. Our rafting skippers are experienced and well versed in wild water. They will ensure attractive and unnusual experience and memorable  moments.  


Una River kayak

Best offer this season by Una Kayak Safari is our memorable advanture in rubber kayak for two. Ride that does not require any experience and tourists can enjoy accompanied only by our experienced skippers. This is only type of kayak safari in B&H. It is safe and made for wild water making it suitable for all age range.